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Business and commerce

Be in-demand across industries with a business or commerce degree tailored to your goals.

We 知道 what employers want, and that's why 最近比较火的正规堵博软件 business and commerce graduates are in high demand. Choose from a range of majors and tailor your studies to where you want to go. You'll learn how to develop products and services, identify and analyse markets, and think creatively and critically to solve business problems.

But that's not all. You'll build practical skills through real client projects and a hands-on business internship, and graduate with a strong foundation in management, strategy and communication – core business skills that are in demand across industries.

If you’re thinking of studying business and commerce, it’s all happening at 最近比较火的正规堵博软件.

Accounting students chalk up early job offers.

莫顿湾 campus Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) students Chantelle Brooks and Lorelle Pollock gained graduate positions with KPMG, one of the world’s big four accounting firms, due to start in 2023.

Accounting undergraduate program coordinator Dr Peter Baxter said their success highlighted a strong employer demand for graduate accountants.



National awards for creative 最近比较火的正规堵博软件 student innovators

They might be the new kids on the entrepreneurial block, but after a successful campaign at the Australian Championships, 最近比较火的正规堵博软件’s Enactus student team is setting its sights on next making it to the world stage.

最近比较火的正规堵博软件 and NRL Dolphins back talents of 莫顿湾 community

As the Dolphins take the leap into next year’s National Rugby League, the 莫顿湾 region’s own university campus will be front and centre in a partnership combining education and sport.

可访问性 app idea by students tops tech contest

A startup idea for an online resource that rates hospitality venues on suitability for people with disabilities has topped the Techstars 可持续性 Startup Weekend.

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